"Project CALTEX (Classroom with Audio-Visual Learning and Teaching EXperience)" ~ Isabela

Naguilian National High School

Hilltop, Magsaysay, Naguilian, Isabela


A multimedia-based instruction materials, gearing up the classroom with the effective and substantial tools to draw the students as close as possible to optimum learning could be achieved with the use of audio-visual equipment. Lessons on microorganisms or in the development of plants and animals for instance, charts, models, projected slides, and video presentations could be effectively utilised. Learners will be exposed to the realest thing possible while enjoying, learning, and experiencing the boons of technology.

"Portable Interactive Whiteboard (1 set) Smart LED TV (1 unit) Laptop (1 unit) Lightspeed Lt-71 LightMic for classroom (1 set) Scientific Calculator (4 sets) "

Php 99125

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