"Project SILAW (Scientific Investigation on Learners’s Academic Welfare)" ~ Isabela

Luna National High School

Luyao, Luna, Isabela


Science educators firmly believe in the importance of laboratory in teaching Science courses most specially in teaching difficult topics. Students learn better when they do hands-on activity or observe it firsthand. With Project SILAW, students will enjoy the world of Science and be more participative in class discussion and experimentation. It will enhance the teaching-learning process which s the utmost mission and vision of the LNHS.

"LED Projector 3500 Lumens (1 set) Laptop ASUS (1 unit) Burner stove and tank package (1 set) Digital Scales (5 units) Solar Panel 80Wp (1 set) Solar Inverter INV2500 10-15V (1 set) Lapel (2 sets)"

Php 99863

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