LASER: Love and Aspiration for Science Explorations and Researches ~ Isabela

Echague National High School

Brgy. San Fabian, Echague, Isabela


LASER aims to allow every learner to experience authentic learning at all times by conducting first-hand activities. It will alleviate not only student’s knowledge but also their attitude and skills in performing tasks. As part of science, math and practical research courses, LASER project will develop students scientific researchers and investigatory projects and innovations that can compete locally and internationally.

"Portable pH Meter (1 unit) Prepared slides with specimens (1 set) Digital Microscope (2 units) Glucometer (1 unit) Laboratory gown (20 pcs) Digital Eye Piece (1 unit) LED Projector Epson EB S41 (1 set) Scientific Calculator FX 85ES (10 units)"

Php 98830

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