"Project SMART (Science, Mathematics and Advance Research Today)" ~ Ifugao

Rufino I. Chungalao Science High School

Monggayang, Aguinaldo, Ifugao


A better laboratory equipment that will provide hands-on experience and observations in experiments for students to achieve a mastery in Science. Making sure that students master the different learning competencies in Science and Math and equipped with the knowledge and skills expected of them when they go to college.

"Digital Electronic Weigh Balance (3 units) Glass Erlenmayer Flask, Beakers, Graduated Cylinder, Stirring Rod, Funnel Glass (1 set) Autoclave (1 unit) Digital Thermometer (4 units) Hot Plate (3 units) Advance Dissection Kit (3 sets) Optical Bench (3 units) Microscope Mono Ocular (3 units) LED Smart TV (1 unit) Wireless Lapel Microphone (1 set) LED Projector (1 set)"

Php 99994

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