"“SEE-SAT” (Science Equipments for Experimentation and Simulation for Avid Tradeans)" ~ Cagayan

Claveria School of Arts and Trades

Centro 1, Claveria, Cagayan Valley


The knowledge that one attains in classroom and through book is ineffectual without understanding and learning the methods and processes behind the scene. Science laboratory equipments allows students to utilise the data gathered from the books, as well as from the material world, for developing pragmatic logic and rational thinking. The project aims to help in developing scientific learning among students and in cultivating deeper and profound interest in the field and to prepare them to be the next generation of scientists, engineers and medical professionals.

"Digital Microscope (4 units) Bunsen Burner (4 units) Rocket Pump (1 set) Amscope PS200Q Prepared Microscope Slide set for basic Bological Science Education (1 set) LED Projector (1 set) Lapel Microphone set (1 set) Smart LED TV, Samsung (1 unit) Casio Scientific Calculator (5 units)"

Php 99670

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