"Project ML (Modernized Laboratory)" ~ Cagayan

Aparri East National High School

Maura, Aparri, Cagayan Valley


Project ML provides the necessary materials and support for undergo hands-on activities and laboratory works such as chemicals and electronic laboratory devices. It will help to fill the gap between concept and reality by demonstrating the importance and essence of a particular situation and phenomenon. This project will enable the teachers and students to explore and discover science more deeply which will make the students very competent, ready for college and ready for their future.

"Condenser, Liebig-type with accessories (3 sets) Distillation Apparatus (1 set) Hydrometer light (2 units) Hydrometer heavy (2 units) Boric Acid (250 g) Calcium Chloride (250 g) Copper Sulfate (250 g) Potassium Chloride (250 g) Sodium Sulfate (250 g) Zinc Chloride (250 g) Potassium Iodide (250 g) Bunsen Burner (6 sets) Osmosis Apparatus Set (2 sets) Ph Meter (2 units) Digital Microscope (1 unit) Digital Weighing Scale (2 units) Open U-tube Manometer and accessories (1 set) Hot Plate (1 unit) Binocular Electronic Microscopic (1 unit)"

Php 100000

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