"Project GAS UP (Generate Apparatus in Science for Utmost Performance) of Students" ~ Nueva Vizcaya

Runruno National High School

Runruno, Quezon, Nueva Vizcaya


A project that primarily aims to improve the science tools and equipment for the STEM students to use during their hands-on activities especially laboratory experimentations and tests, helping learners in the delivery of their competencies and enhance their scientific skills, understanding chemistry, physics works and other disciplines.

"Animal Cell Model (1 unit) Plant Cell Model (1 unit) Air Track Set (1 set) Model Engine, Gas Turbine (1 unit) Heater Immersion (1 unit) Electromagnetic Induction Apparatus (1 unit) Capacitance Box (1 box) Optical Bench Set (1 set) Boyle’s Law Apparatus (1 unit) Digital Sound Meter (1 unit) Titration Set-up (1 set) Chromatography in Plant (1 set) Ph Kit (2 sets)"

Php 99811

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