#BIYAHESanJose via CALTEX STAR ~ Isabela

San Jose National High School

San Jose Norte, Mallig, Isabla


This project is one of the realisation of the schools’ thrust towards building or producing graduates who are equipped with holistic education. It will bridge and blends virtual learning and hands-on activities using appropriate science equipment. It intends to champion scientific-based outcomes and outputs through ICT-based instruction and hands-on activities among learners.

"Digital Microscope (1 unit) Prepared Microscope Slides with box (1 set) Breadboard 400 tie point interlocking (12 units) 12V Dynamo (12 units) Portable Ph Meter Model DPH-2 (1 unit) LED Smart TV 55’ (1 unit) Epson Printer L360 (1 unit)"

Php 99770

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