"Project Gold (Gem Of Learning Development)" ~ Isabela

San Mariano National High School

Zone 01, San Mariano, Isabela 3332


Science laboratory and audio-visual equipment and materials are the gems of meaningful learning development. Students learn better when theories acquired are applied with the aid of laboratory and audio-visual aids equipment and materials. Such gems of teaching-learning process are relevant to meet the set competencies of the subjects offered.

"Microscope Binocular Led Harman (1 unit) Bunsen Burner (8 units) 1/4 x 1/8mm Rubber Tubing 50 ft (1 unit) Alcohol Lamp (10 units) Iron Stand 6”x9” base, 24” rod (2 units) Burette Clamp (5 units) Iron Ring (5 units) LG 43” Ultra HD Smart LED TV (1 unit) LED Projector with Tripod (1 set) Lapel Microphone set Silvertech (1 set) Casio Scientific Calculator (14 units)"

Php 99469

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