"Project VAMMP (Visual, Audio, Manipulative Materials for Projectile)" ~ Isabela

Raniag High School

Purok 1, Bartolome St., Raniag, Ramon, Isabela


"VAMMP would be on the use of audio and visual materials, projectile kit, and scientific calculator to be used in the teaching-learning process. The latter material is included as a need, since Physics entails a lot of computations and mostly students are poor that they cannot afford to buy one. Audio and visual materials would be a great help in the faster absorption of knowledge and skills. More senses to be used in processing information taken from the learning environment is much better ensuring therefore to have an engaging and multi-sensory learning are of great importance in this realm."

"Scientific Calculator Casio Fx 82MS (52 units) DB Audio Versatech 8’ (1 unit) Acer Laptop Core i3 (1 unit) Mini launcher ME-6825B (1 unit) Wireless Smart Gate (1 unit) Photogate Mounting Project (1 set)"

Php 99746

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