"CALTEX: ACCESS (Creating A Life-long Technologically EXperience: A Child-Centered Educational System)" ~ Isabela

Quezon National High School

Alunan, Quezon, Isabela


Abstract sciences can be taught using ICT to make such abstract concepts more concrete and ensure proper motivation and engagement of students in the learning process (integration of simulations, manipulation of the human skeleton, etc). Sutaria (2010) claimed that children learn better when they are happy and free to experiment and discover. With the help of ACCESS to sources of information and hands-on instructional materials, learners are also able to update their learning potential and creativity.

"Sony LED TV 55’ (1 unit) Human Skeleton Anatomical Model 170cm (1 set) Digital Balance Kern Electronic Sacles, 500g Capacity Type C (1 set) Digital Microscope (2 units) Laptop Lenovo (1 unit)"

Php 96131

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