Caltex Fuel Your School 2019 – North Eastern Philippines

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Caltex Fuel Your School community campaign?

Caltex Fuel Your School is a community campaign wherein we contribute one peso (P 1.00) for every 1-liter fuel purchase at participating Caltex stations from June 1 to July 31, 2019 to help fund eligible STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) classroom projects of public school teachers. 

Up to three million pesos (P3,000,000) is allocated for 30 highest-need public senior high schools in Region 2 and CAR as shortlisted by the Department of Education of the Philippines for this project.
This innovative campaign offers communities a convenient way to provide direct support to these local public schools that were assessed to have the highest need, especially with the entry of grades 11 and 12 students.

What is Chevron Philippines Inc?

Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI) markets the Caltex brand of top-quality fuels, lubricants and petroleum products through a network of service stations, terminals and sales offices across the country. Chevron has a major presence in the Philippines as one of the country's largest investors, operating four business units, with more than $2 billion in capital investments. For more information, see

How does Caltex Fuel Your School work?

From June 1 to July 31, 2019, we will donate P1.00 for every 1-liter fuel purchase at participating Caltex stations to help fund classroom projects of the 30 highest-need public high schools in Region 2 and CAR. There's no minimum purchase required as purchases less than one (1) liter also get an equivalent donation amount. Each school can qualify to a maximum project amount of P100,000. This grant of P100,000 for each project will  come from the P3,000,000 that Caltex Fuel Your School hopes to generate. The project amount will be awarded in the form of equipment and materials on September 26, 2019. For more information, see 

Friends and Family FAQs

Can I help fund projects independently?

Yes, donors may also independently fund classroom projects through the AmCham Foundation by making a separate, individual donation. There is no obligation or requirement to do so. You may send your details to and a representative from AmCham Foundation will contact you and ask the name of the school or title of the preferred project that you would like to make a donation to.

What is AmCham Foundation?

The American Chamber Foundation of the Philippines, Inc.  (AmCham Foundation) was established in 1985 to serve as the socio-civic arm of the members of the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines. ACF hopes to communicate that American businesses are helping solve social and community issues in the Philippines. ACF activities focus on: Health Program; Youth Development and Education; Environment; Livelihood Program; and Disaster Relief/Rehabilitation and Community outreach. For more information, visit

Do purchases other than fuel (convenience store items, lubricants) count toward funding the projects?

No, only fuel purchases at participating Caltex stations count toward funding the approved eligible classroom project requests during the campaign period.

How can I participate and for how long?
The community campaign will begin on June 1 and end on July 31, 2019. Consumers can support the community campaign by fueling up at their participating neighborhood Caltex stations in Region 2 and CAR regions throughout the community campaign period.

Are all the stations in Cagayan Valley and CAR participating in this promotion? How can I find a list of participating stations?

All Caltex stations located within Region 2 (Cagayan Valley) and select stations in CAR are participating. To find the list, visit

How will the funding be generated for eligible classroom projects?

Eligible Classroom Project Requests will be shortlisted by AmCham Foundation officials. We will donate P1 for every fuel purchase until we reach the target amount of P3,000,000. This will be allocated to each qualified STEM projects based on the requested amount. 

My children are home schooled. Can I apply to take advantage of this campaign?

No, this campaign only benefits eligible public high schools in Region 2 and CAR. 

Will the donation earned by my purchase be contributed to private schools?

No, only the 30 highest-need public high schools in Region 2 and CAR are eligible to receive material funding.

My neighbor/friend is a teacher. How can he/she take advantage of this community campaign?

Visit  for more information on the project submission procedure and terms and conditions of the community campaign.

Educators / Teachers FAQs

What does the Caltex Fuel Your School campaign mean for educators?

With Caltex Fuel Your School, teachers will have the quality equipment and materials they need to teach complex ideas in STEM subjects. They will no longer have to contend with make-do materials purchased through their own personal funds. Students will also learn to appreciate and more fully absorb lessons in STEM subjects.     

Who is eligible to submit Caltex Fuel Your School projects?

Full-time educators who spend at least 75 percent of time working directly with students — not necessarily confined to a single class — at eligible public high schools in Region 2 and CAR (classroom teachers, subject teachers, etc). Administrators, part-time educators, assistants or student teachers and volunteers are not eligible to submit proposals. Educators must submit a classroom project request via email to . Educators can submit several projects but only one project per educator will be selected for funding.

I’m a subject teacher and teach a number of classes. How do I participate?

Of all your classes, think of the students that will most benefit from your proposed classroom project and requested materials. Profile them in your description of your class in your proposal submission. You may include the total number of your students, who will benefit from your proposed classroom project.

How do I post a project?

Eligible educators may email their project proposal from March 21, 2019 to May 10, 2019 or email to

When should I submit my project?
The Project Submission Period will begin on March 21, 2018 and is scheduled to end on May 20, 2018. However, Chevron Philippines Inc. reserves the right to extend or end Project Submission Period without prior notice.

It is best to submit your proposal early to address any technical difficulties you may experience. Should this event occur, email AmCham Foundation at , or .To avoid confusion remember to carefully read the Official Rules and Frequently Asked Questions.

How many projects can I submit?

Each school can submit several entries but only the first two qualified entries that require a funding of not more than P100,000 in total will be included in the shortlist for the Caltex Fuel Your School community campaign. If you made a mistake or would like to update a submitted proposal, send an e-mail prior to the deadline (May 10, 2019) to or

How many projects can my school submit?

Each school can submit as many entries as it likes but only the first two qualified entries that require a funding of not more than P100,000 in total will be included in the shortlist for the Caltex Fuel Your School community campaign

What types of projects will receive Caltex Fuel Your School funding?

Projects related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics that cost up to Php100,000 will be funded as long as they comply with the FYS project criteria. Field trips and infrastructures are not eligible for funding through this community campaign.

Why do I need a Facebook account?

Eligible project submitters must have a valid Facebook membership to “Like” their projects posted in Caltex Fuel Your School Facebook page and receive related updates from the Caltex Fuel Your School team. In the event your project is shortlisted, your project will be posted in the Caltex Fuel Your School FB page and at . You must promote your respective classroom project to your friends by asking them to “Like” the project post and share using the hashtags #caltexfys and #caltexfys[school]. Projects with the highest likes are ranked first for funding. The top high schools with the most number of Fb fans, mots number of hashtags and most fuel up  will be given special rewards at the end of the campaign.

How are the projects posted on the Caltex Fuel Your School Facebook?

Shortlisted project requests will be posted on the Caltex Fuel Your School Facebook page and www/ starting May 29, 2019.

Can I encourage other people to participate in the funding process?

Yes! We hope you'll refer as many individuals as possible. A quick and easy way to spread the word is to send the link  to your friends for them to know more about the campaign. You may also encourage them to "Like" their favorite school project on Caltex Philippines Fuel Your School Facebook microsite page.

What are the conditions for applying?

FYS Official Rules are available at  

•    The written content of all Classroom Project Requests submitted become the sole property of Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI), marketer of the Caltex brand of fuels and lubricants.
•    By submitting your project for material funding consideration, you are agreeing to share your contact information with Chevron for use in communications about Caltex Fuel Your School.
•    By submitting your project and/or accepting any material funding, you agree to the Official Rules governing this Caltex Fuel Your School community campaign and to allow Chevron Philippines Inc. to use your name and likeness and the name of your school in any Chevron promotional materials.
•    Chevron Philippines Inc. reserves the right to disqualify any participant that does not comply with the Official Rules of Caltex Fuel Your School. Parties who approve, endorse or consent to the Eligible Project Submitter’s proposal submission are also considered participants.
•    CPI decisions are final and binding on all matters related to Caltex Fuel Your School.

How will the judging process work?

All Classroom Project Requests submitted for Caltex Fuel Your School will go through a panel of judges. This consists of qualified Chevron and AmCham Foundation officials who will score the submissions based on the criteria below. The shortlisted projects that pass will then be posted on the Caltex Philippines Fuel Your School Facebook page. Judges shall award points based on the following criteria (i.e. each of these areas should demonstrate how they support STEM Education):

•    Up to 30 points are available for submissions that demonstrate the creative and innovative use of requested project materials
•    Up to 30 points are available for submissions that promote a hands-on learning experience in the classroom
•    Up to 20 points are available for submissions that support existing classroom curriculum and course objectives
•    Up to 20 points are available for submissions that demonstrate that the project materials can be sustainable past a one-time use

How will participants (winners and non-winners) be notified?

All participants will be notified by e-mail, cell phone, landline and through Caltex FYS FB page.

Who do I contact with questions regarding Caltex Fuel Your School?

Send all classroom project inquiries to AmCham Foundation at,  or  or contact FYS hotline 399-2505. Official rules for the program can be found at

What can I do to improve my project's chances of being shortlisted?

Projects will be vetted by program partners CPI and AmCham Foundation, with submissions shortlisted based on creativity and nature of requested materials that support STEM education. All requested resources must be used by students or directly provide a student experience. Projects cannot foster discrimination, and must be appropriate to your school. No requests for labor, capital improvements or vehicle purchases will be entertained.

Ensure projects have a catchy title, and essays have a creative first line. Keep project costs less than P100,000. Speak from the heart when writing your essay and always keep in mind whether your students will be able to write a genuine thank you letter. Check your submission for spelling and grammar prior to submission.

When will I be notified if I am shortlisted?

Shortlisted Classroom Projects submitters will be notified by text message, email, landline or Facebook by May 18, 2019. Submitters must respond within three (3) days to remain eligible for Caltex Fuel Your School posting on Facebook.

I keep getting messages from Is that right?

Yes! Make sure you have all email addresses on your safe list to ensure you get all the relevant updates, and are able to communicate with us in a timely manner.
My project is shortlisted. What can I do to increase my chances of being funded?

Start promoting your project in ! Get all family, friends, students, teachers and parents you know to fuel up at participating Caltex gasoline stations. Have them also “Like” your classroom project on the Caltex Fuel Your School Facebook Page. You can also include a YouTube video of your proposed classroom project, and post it on the Caltex Philippines Facebook site to engage potential supporters! Note that Caltex reserves the right to remove any videos which it deems unsuitable to be posted up on the Facebook site.

What happens after my project is shortlisted?

Project submitters that have been qualified for funding will be notified via email, text message, landline or Facebook. Project submitters must respond to the email within three (3) days to confirm receipt of confirmation email. A THANKS! package after the awarding ceremony on September 26, 2019 should be submitted by the teachers.

What if my project requirements have changed?

Caltex Fuel Your School only fulfills projects as submitted to ensure transparency and fairness. Caltex Fuel Your School will not permit exchanges and/or return of items received. To avoid disappointment, always check your requirements and provide accurate information on the item required and preferred vendor(s).
Exception: Items received may vary from items requested in the project. If the item you request is no longer available, Caltex Fuel Your School will contact you to select a replacement item that still aligns with your project purpose.

What if I don't need reward funding anymore?

If projects have been shortlisted, the educator who submitted the project must contact Caltex Fuel Your School immediately to remove their entry from the Caltex Fuel Your School Facebook page.

What happens after the project materials are received?

You will receive an email explaining how to complete your THANKS! Package consisting of the ff. requirements below:

1.    (1) Model Release Forms for parents to grant approval to photograph their children using the materials.
2.    (2) Teacher Impact Letter: A personalized message of your appreciation for having been granted the project through Caltex Fuel Your School campaign; a description of how the funded resources have helped your class. You will submit your 100-word impact message directly to Caltex Fuel Your School website.
3.    (3) FIVE hi-resolution digital photographs featuring you and your students using the materials in your class. These photographs will be posted with your project on the Caltex Philippines Fuel Your School Facebook page.
4.    (4) Student Thank-You Notes: Creatively handwritten/drawn thank-you notes by your students showing their appreciation, to be posted to Caltex Fuel Your School.
5.    (5) You will also have to schedule your students to participate in a short video shoot to say thank you after having been awarded the project through the Caltex Fuel Your School.

What are the guidelines for the student thank-you notes?

•    Draft the teacher impact letter from the heart.
•    Do not forget to mention Caltex Fuel Your School as the campaign from which the grant for the school project has been made possible with the help of consumers and your school supporters. 
•    Mention the specific resources funded 
•    Review letters to ensure they do not contain student last names, school address, or any inappropriate content
•    Do not send media items such as CDs, DVDs, etc

What pictures should be uploaded in the THANKS! Package?

Photos featuring the whole class or small groups of students using the project materials (at least two students per picture, or even students holding a sign saying thank you). Always ensure photos are taken with a camera, and flash for best results.

If school restrictions or difficulty in getting permission from parents are an issue, you can still submit pictures that do not show student faces, or the final results achieved with the funded items. Due to privacy/safety concerns, do not feature close ups of one student or the last names of your student. Do not submit inappropriate subject matter.

I can’t submit my THANKS! package on time. What should I do?

Contact our Caltex Fuel Your School team as soon as possible.

Can you help me gain my supervisor/principal/Parent & Teacher Association endorsement for my classroom project?

It is your responsibility to gain all appropriate approvals, endorsements and consents from the relevant parties for purposes of participating in Caltex Fuel Your School. You are also responsible for notifying such parties if your project is rewarded, and for facilitating the coordination of receipt of the project materials on the awarding ceremony. All parties who approve, endorse or consent to your proposal submission will also be bound to the terms and conditions of the Caltex Fuel Your School community campaign.

Who owns the classroom project materials?

Materials funded through the Caltex Fuel Your School Fund will become the property of the winning classroom to be used for the purpose in which it was purchased. Winning educators must abide by the policies of the Department of Education and your school regarding approvals, documentation or tracking of contributed items. However, Chevron will endeavor to provide support where possible in cases where winning educators are denied access to materials that were delivered for his/her class. In the event that the winning educator is not allowed to receive or use the materials for any reason whatsoever, such materials must be returned to Chevron upon Chevron’s request, and Chevron reserves the right to forward such materials for the benefit of another eligible classroom project.

Will I or my students get any acknowledgement of participation?

Yes! All successful project submitters will gain a Caltex Fuel Your School certificate of participation on the awarding ceremony. Only students of winning classroom projects will get certificates of participation to be distributed by their winning educator.

What happens after I receive the materials and have submitted my THANKS! package?

Let the learning begin! In your classroom project proposal, you would have agreed to commit to certain metrics to gauge your students’ progress with timelines. Periodic audits will be conducted by the Caltex Fuel Your School team to check on your classroom’s progress, and verify that the materials contributed are being used for the purpose in which they were purchased.

When will the award ceremony take place?

The award ceremony will take place on September 26, 2019, at a venue to be determined.

How is AmCham Foundation connected to Caltex Fuel Your School?

AmCham Foundation helps review and approve project submissions, purchases materials once the project is fully funded, and ensures that materials are delivered to the classroom. AmCham Foundation oversees all expenditure and disbursements to ensure all funds and materials are used strictly for the intended purpose. For more information, contact FYS Hotline 399-2505, AmCham Foundation at +63 (2) 834-0184; 551-8060 or email,
What if I have general questions about AmCham Foundation?

Visit for more information. Alternatively, you may email ,,or

-- Thank you! --